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Hint’s & tips on what works

Through out various stages of this disease I observed my dad and witnessed his struggle. This in turn allowed me to find new ways to help him and to contribute to such a great dad who had always been my biggest fan, mentor but more importantly my friend. This book will give you useful hints and tips […]

Financial planning Alzheimer’s

Financial planning is worth considering building in to your experince right from the start, right at the point when you have obtained a diagnosis.Leaving un finished business or trying to put your finances in order further down the line into the changing stages of Alzheimer’s only creates more confusion, emotional doubt and up set. You […]

Updated Today!

Check out our update website Lots of new information together with tools I have given you in this site will give you the confidence to disagree with the system in anticipation of the consequences and to prepare yourself for what is about to unfold.