The Care Giver

I have noticed from the people I’ve come into contact with that throughout stages of care giving the caregiver collapses with out thought and knowingly into the care giving role.

There is another approach.

You can step into the care giving role with tools, information, practices and a list of what works coupled with insights into what happens to an individual with memory loss and understand what you can do when you observe your love one mind and body starts the degeneration process. By stepping in to the role instead of collapsing into the role you are monitoring yourself more closely in order to be more useful to the individual.

What you must keep in mind is the fact that you cannot stop this disease from progress in its own form with its own speed however you can manage and stress manage the situation for yourself and others. The two approaches are very different, however, the experience will be different for each process.

By collapsing into the role of the caregiver you will lose yourself and possibly deteriorate yourself because you will not be able to cope with the impact of this disease. Alternatively by stepping into the role, mindfully with tools, skills and understanding of what lay up ahead you are for armed and forewarned. However this disease has the power to shock you , so be prepared for the unexpected.

A healthy regime of daily practices and ongoing practices will help you learn and maintain your own personal healthy way of being in this journey. Your ability to build in daily practices for yourself will have the power to make sure your innate wisdom and compassion remains intact and in time leading to emotional freedom.

Your ability to look after yourself will depend on your ability to understand the importance of true essence of care giving. Care giving starts with your own ability to monitor yourself by staying fit and well the best you can throughout the process and surrounding yourself with a support system that works for you. Remember to survive this journey you will need to be educated as to what is about to unfold in your life and in the life of your loved one.

With this in mind you will be able to prepare for the unexpected and feel as though you were doing all you can for your loved one and at the same time for yourself.

The choice will be up to you.

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