Regression of the Evolved generation

If I was to look inside my Mind what would I see?

“My name is Reg. It’s only a small name but my heart is warm and friendly, and I have Alzheimer’s, but I can’t remember what it mean’s. Have I done something wrong, why are you so angry with me?” he pauses waiting for some sign from his wife or civil conversation. She no longer responds. He withdraws a little further into himself and lowers his head like a scolded child. To him, it feels like days or even months have passed. He lifts his head, he looks so sad. Just then he sees his daughter arriving.

“This is Janie” he announces to the world and a big smile lights up the room. “She is my  daughter”.

At a fabulous age of 87 years he still manages to stand up and greet her. He looks so happy and she gives him a huge hug. She holds him until she feels him calm down and settles within himself and then graciously helps him sit back on his chair and holds his hand.She really loves her dad and very aware that the man who has always been there for her is gradually fading away. She manages to hold back the tears and smiles.

 “I have missed you Dad,” she replies even though she had been there that morning.

“Got any sweets” he asks, she smiles and reaches into her bag and chuckles to herself to locate his favourite chocolate.

 “Look what I have bought for you,” as she hands half the bar to him.

“Smashing ” he replies, he looks so happy now that’s my Dad .

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