Financial planning Alzheimer’s

Financial planning is worth considering building in to your experince right from the start, right at the point when you have obtained a diagnosis.Leaving un finished business or trying to put your finances in order further down the line into the changing stages of Alzheimer’s only creates more confusion, emotional doubt and up set.

You will need to consider an Enduring Power of Attorney, which means that when your loved one is no longer able to write their name or deal with their own financial situation by having an enduring power of Attorney in place you will be able to act on their behalf.

From my experience, you will  need to act on this with a clear mind and any solicitor who deals with this type of thing and will be able to help you. So will a chat with your accountant, should you have one .

The only advise I would give would to be very open if you have a family to ensure that no one can accuse or point the finger at you for going behind their back or misusing parents money.

You need support not grief.