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Dementia- It’s not black and white

Dementia- It’s not black and white is it? When you look after someone who is poorly and you care for them the result was” they recovered” right we interpret that experience as a job well done? When you look after someone who has any form of dementia the reality is that they don’t get better, […]

Are you in feeling in conflict about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and maintaining your career?

Being in conflict about caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and maintaining your career is a tough because it depends on so many factors such as: the dynamics relationship history your perception On a day of truth, think carefully about the following: If, you could look through their eyes what would they wish you to do […]

Are you worried about someone’s Memory?

It can be terrifying, …if someone you love has started to show signs of reduce cognitive function, memory loss in other words, maybe showing signs of the onset of dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. The feeling of helplessness, feeling out of control, and the pain of seeing someone you love slowly disappearing, can leave you […]

My Biography Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper was born in 1965 and lived with her parents, Margaret and Reg, in a semi-detached Essex home. Jane went to Graham James Primary and Junior School and then on to College to study languages, art, pure and applied mathematics. She was not keen on sport at school until they introduced dance, at which […]

Orientation on awakening

What better insight into what the elderly need when they awake in the morning Alzheimer’s or no Alzheimer’s disease. “Please, can I be allowed to gather myself together for about 20minutes when I wake up instead of being on your schedule?” I am 86years old now and it would be really helpful to me if […]

Dementia stages

When my dad began to experience dementia in the dementia stages process, I decided that I would help him stay as active and healthy as possible. My work in the health industry running my own personal training company allowed my to keep him as active for as long as I could. I call this process tough love, […]