Care Homes

Improve your Alzheimer’s patients experience

If you are running a care home you will almost certainly have one or more patients who have some form of dementia or another.

They are not the easiest residents to manage and can be frustrating for staff as the disease progresses, not to mention the relatives high level of expectation such as treating them with dignity and respect.

What could improve their situation – without draining your resources?

Care Homes Alzheimer’s Consultancy and Training options:

  • A personal consultation with you as the owner to share coping strategies that will improve the situation for both your residents and your staff.
  • The facility to offer training either one-to-one or as a seminar or speaking event for the families of Alzheimer’s patient’s so they know what to expect and how best to deal with it.

As so few care homes have specific strategies to deal with those individuals directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease it’s a perfect opportunity to generate positive press coverage.

Put your care home in the spotlight and raise confidence levels for the families of your residents and future potential residents.

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