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Training for Alzheimer Carers

Empowering you to care with confidence

If you have a family member who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease everyone who is close to them is likely to be upset.

The future can look quite scary, especially if find it difficult to imagine what it will be like to find someone so close and loving doesn’t even know who you are any longer.

Until you’ve been through the experience it’s hard to see what you can possibly do, that will make things easier for everyone.

That’s where a training session for all the people who are close to the person makes a real difference.

Training for Alzheimer Carers session topics:                                          

  • Empower you to feel confident in your approach.
  • How to step confidently into the care system and world of dementia.
  • How to take charge of what happens when someone you care about starts to become forgetful.
  • Know what questions you must ask your GP when you are worried about someone’s memory in order to delay the progression of the disease.
  • How to retain some level of control.
    and much much more ………

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