About Jane

Welcome – Nice to meet you

I have been a private health consultant in the health and exercise industry for over 30 years. I have achieved over 15 qualifications in that industry ranging from facilitating and working with athletes in the international arena, working with CEO’s to individuals in secure mental health hospitals such as those sectioned under the mental health act, who self-harm, are de- pressed and have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

My qualifications cover a wide spectrum of topics all for personal well- being with a conventional and non- conventional approach.

Being able to apply myself to give people useful tools is a gift as is encouraging people about the importance of looking after themselves regardless of whether it is through physical exercise, exercise prescription or talking to them in private counsel who are seeking spiritual guidance and understanding on specific areas of life especially how to navigate through a life exam.

My interest and work on Alzheimer’s began when my dad was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in his eighties. The experience was not for no reason, paving the way for me to be a useful member of society using my knowledge and skill set to help people with my wealth of intellectual property in health, www.virtual-healthclub.com. Wealth www.virtualtaxuk.com and navigating through the winter of a loved one’s life diagnosed with any form of dementia www.justcallmereg.com.

My Dad’s name was Reg…he was an old east end boy who worked until he was 80 years old but with that came a loss in his purpose for life. Even though his love for his allotment which was a great physical and psychological benefit it did not stop him from becoming more forgetful nor vulnerable.

His wife- my mother wanted to look after him but frankly could not look after herself and became more and more emotionally explosive until I intervened which saved his life after he was sectioned. The wrong one was sectioned if you ask me but that’s a whole different story!

Who would ever have imagined the one closest was the one I needed to protect him from, going against the grain of what society dictates is nurture and nature!

The impact it took on our family was horrendous as we were thrown into a care system, I thought we understood but in truth knew nothing about!

My experience taught me that others do not know what is best for our loved one’s all the time.  YOU know them more than anyone else, but you think others know better and they don’t always.

It is very important you are aware of the system you are about to step into and the people in the system for which mostly are there for the right reason and have enough strength to deal with them should something happen.

If I can make sure what happened to us never happens to someone like you, then contact me on 07801 287 213 and by educating YOU I can help you step confidently into the system and world of dementia and it will prove to become a worthwhile investment.

Sometimes caring is just not enough, you need to have the knowledge and the know how, nor does it mean that you must sacrifice your life for their care.

You still need your needs to be met and yet, it may be, that the person you used to rely on is no longer there to lean on.

You will also need to make some big changes to your life as well as manage and cope with your own stress level in order to avoid sinking into the depths of clinical depression to feel in control and empowered to take charge of what happens next to you and your family. But frankly that’s up to you!

Dementia – It’s not black and white