Who said she can’t speak?

I sat talking to a frail elderly lady today in the lounge of a care home where I was visiting one of my clients to massage her. Her speech was anxious as she struggled to find any words to express to me what she wanted. She has alzheimer’s disease.

So I knelt down and chatted with her. Most people would have frowned at her, not understanding a word of it, and walked on by. Not me. I wanted her to know that someone today gave a damn. It was irrelevant to me that the words were mixed up. We can understand what’s being said if we try.

Well, she chatted and I listened. She took my hand which was roasting at the time, and placed it on her face and then said. “You’re so warm ” and lent on my shoulder. She said I love you with a smile and I winked back just holding onto her for a while. My dad used to say that to me. She was trying to speak to me and her words were a little muddled until I engaged and slowed her speech right down until she was calmer.

When they said she can’t speak I chose to find out myself, because for me it was irrelevant as they did not know what I knew. It was irrelevant to me that I did not grasp all that was said or unsaid. By this time my knees were killing me from crouching at her side, so I sat on the floor next to her in the chair where we watched the news. Then she shocked me when she said,

 “That’s today news” and smiled right at me. She knew I knew no other words need be said. I nodded and agreed smiling at her old paper face, full of years of knowledge and experience. What I would give to get to know her.

The moral of this story, is to all of you out there, do the work that feeds your soul. This lady was only one of the people who made my day. I am so lucky. Or as a teacher would remind me. ( LUCK) Labour under the correct knowledge. Janiex

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