The seeds of fear

When I look back on my fathers life and he was born back in 1921, he was an East End boy one of seven who survived the war.

In my work as a sports trainer the more I work with people the one thing that keeps resurfacing is their emotional and psychological state of health.

The trauma of a war must have affected my dad some where down the line.

The unavailablity of good quality food must have played a part. The amount of plaque in his mouth from fillings

Living with a difficult partner must have all played a part, and staying in the relationship an even bigger one.

He was a centred balanced soul, full of so much knowledge and wisdom and basically just got on with it like the older people did in those days. Some still do, just get on with it. Back in the war days every one was in the same boat so to speak, we had more of a family unit then. It’s not so much like that now days.

Alzheimer’s disease is clearly an epidemic waiting to unleash itself, however it’s our responsibility in the health industry and government to encourage others to look after themselves the best they can, and at the same time understand and recognise that there are some people on this earth that will never listen, act or take the appropriate course of action.

It is not relevant however to now start jumping on the wagon and start planting seeds of fear that has the potential to create a panic in others. The health industry is a multi- billion industry and we have a duty to encourage others to participate in good healthy living not send them into chaos by installing a fear factor.

Remember that fear actually stops us taking the appropriate action. Is that what you want – to sabotage people?

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