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What is alzheimers? Seminar- Event

Alzheimer’s disease is like a mental fragmentation of the mind. When do we pay attention to alzheimers you may well wonder. Well from my experience of speaking to folk this week ,people fall into two groups. One are those refuse to acknowledge the disease evens exists, displaying emotional behaviour of anger and irritation, or two, when it […]

Jab to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease??

This morning, the Daily Mail published this article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1379749/Alzheimers-vaccine-reverse-damage-available-years.html Here are my thoughts: Have we found the Jewel in the Treasure chest? On such a beautifully sunny day the Daily Mail gives us hope and lifts our spirits even further reporting that a vaccine may be available within two years to stop or reverse Alzheimer’s […]