After a diagnosis whats next, the twelve steps of action

After a diagnosis what’s next?

My second pocket book  explains what needs to be considered in this next phase now that a diagnosis has been made.
The biggest question we all ask ourselves is,
Will we be able to cope?” and it’s a fair question for the changing times up ahead.
When those of you make a fundamental decision that you will be able to cope regardless of what this disease throws at you, you activate that part of yourselves that seeks a solution to each situation.
The first part of coming to terms with Alzheimer’s disease is to really be able to understand what’s unfolding and coming to terms with the fact that your life is now in a constant state of change. The changing time are challenging and have the ability to create doubt in your ability to cope. It’s a very real experience.
However, the first step is to make a decision as to whether you wish to contribute to your loved one or not.
If you choose to contribute then these twelve steps in my second book here will explain about the adjustment process and what to do in twelve easy to follow steps.

There are two further books that will soon be available which are:
Considering a care homeask the right questions and Hints and tips on what works.

Obtaining a diagnosis is the first key in being able to keeping your loved one for longer- Book 1 – The steps in how to obtain a diagnosis is the key that unlocks and tells the story of  what happens next in you and your loved one’s life.
Start to plan and build in some foundations for your future. Changing times are ahead.

Alzheimer’s disease is becoming the social economic disaster the people of the 21st century are not prepared for. Why? Due to the lack of education available and people’s inability to understand what is unfolding before their very eyes. However, from my personal experience we need to look within and not out for the answers. You know your loved one best and in that you will locate the key to your whole experience.


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