Where two trees meet

Where two trees meet

I was strolling down a country lane one fine day. The spring air was blowing as I felt it brush past my cheeks. The speckled sunlight shone onto the path dancing on the ground as I walked. The daffodils were present as they casually swayed in the breeze. I was thoughtful of all the times my dad would talk to me about life and the people in it, those days are gone now as Alzheimer’s disease entered into our life and took him away to the castle in the sky.

Just up ahead two trees meet, as I approached I stood for a while at the little wooden gate to reflect on the times I would take him to the seaside, as the energy there helped him to relax and I observed the evening sun that shone down on the water.

The light shining through the trees reminds me of the magic he bought to my life and how it captures the essence of what comes about when two great oaks meet.

One tree present, the other still very present as the knowledge continues to be passed down. Maybe I will grow and attain a wealth of knowledge just like the old oak that was here before me.

Tell me about the magic that the person with Alzheimer’s that you know brings/brought to your life by commenting below, or coming to comment on our Facebook Page – Alzheimer’s My Experience

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