what is alzheimers – on reflection

A white Rose when it is in full extension of it’s bloom we could say represents a developed mind. Observe a white rose. As you look inside, look right through to the bud, we could say that it represents a new born child so pure and innocent. The white rose has acquired life experience and knowledge that has been collected over many year’s. It had endured tough times, happy times and gained an abundance of knowledge in a life time, just like those suffering alzheimers disease. . The petals represent parts of life and an alzheimers diseased mind. Be still and thoughtful for a few moments and allow your self to be mindful as you look inside a rose, as it represents a mind that is open, enlightened and knowledgeable. The individual experiencing dementia, alzheimer’s disease is an evolved human being as the winter of their lives are coming to a close, just as a great book comes into its final chapter then it ends.

We never know how a great story will end until we are there in the experience. There are many things you can do for an alzheimers individuals in the dementia stages. The key is to know your loved one and help them the best you can with what you know about them.

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