What a lovely day

 Two years ago today, my dad passed away. Today, is a quiet, hard working day, reflecting on just how lucky I was to have spent so much time with my dad while he was alive. I sense something exciting is going to happen, or it is the start of something new. Today I am celebrating as a putting another wheel in motion to make him proud. As I reflect the last two years have taught me many things.

 The beauty of a great father & daughter relationship. When the world doubts you, avoid at all costs, doubting yourself. You find out who your fiends are. No one tells you about the void. If you have lost a parent recently and are in the void there is a reason for. You just have to figure out what that is for you. Makes you realize who and what is important. 

Note to self

 If any of you are having a crap day and nothing and no one are cutting you any slack, be good to yourself a read this. Stop, go make a cup of tea and think about someone or something you love. Put a little smile back on your lovely face and have a little bit of faith in yourself. Something or someone will turn up, but it is never from where you think. When I was small my dad/ Reg bought me a bike for Christmas. It was tied to a red ribbon and I had to walk all round the house to find what was attached to the end. It was my new blue bike.  I was so happy. After lunch he took me outside in the street and taught me how to ride it. Then, I fell off. He lent his head one side and asked me if I was ok. He smiled and quietly reminded me, that when I fall off my bike, it was not the end of my world and it is just a reminder that, I have to just stand up, pick up my bike and get back on it. At some point in the not to distant future you will stop falling off your bike Janie. So, when things are not going my way, that vision of him and I on my bike floats back inside my head. I smile and carry on as it gently reminds me to get back on my bike.  

 Thanks Dad x

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