The Promise


Should you be the one who draws your last breath first, god forbid anything ever happens to me, whilst I have breath in my body, I would make three wishes.

But before I do, no matter what happens shortly, I want you to understand that if I, were to never hold your hand again, brush your face with my hand, give you a hug, kiss you so tenderly on your cheek, see your face light up when I come to take you out, I would want to slide my hand inside your chest and hold your heart in my hands forever, so you would shine just for one more minute, so I could share another moment with you.

I wish that you find the most perfect palace in the sky, where the kings and princesses live and watch over those left on this earth, to continue our journey until one day we are reunited.

I wish you eternal peace and freedom from this awful disease and for you to know you have done the best job as a father and that I was so honored to have called you My Dad.

I wish that, I will always be able to continue to make you proud of me in my endeavors to help people in the Winter of their lives and the loved ones that hold their hands.

If I end up half the person you were, I would have done ok.