The Cooper Method

My work as a sports trainer has helped me to produce a set of guidelines and methods I call The Cooper Method, that enables anyone facing the initial stages of Alzheimer’s to find a way forward with courage and without fear, as they embark on their own personal journey brought about by the impact of this disease.

This chronic, brain wasting, fatal disease has the power to destroy families and individuals as they witness more and more trauma as the disease exposes elements of itself. Individuals become over consumed as they try to make sense of the chaos unfolding before them. We lose sight of the understanding that nothing is forever or the way it was and I observe more and more people trying to hold onto the way things were, especially when they the sufferer, has become something that we were not prepared for. Individuals are angry, disappointed, feel cheated, lost, in chaos, tired and exhausted as they do their level best to hold on to this roller coaster of emotional turmoil.

Fear and disbelief create difficulties within us, which have the power not to allow us to make any required adjustments necessary within ourselves, but that is what shock and trauma do initially.

Giving something back to a parent or a partner struggling and its impact on not only REG but the family, has brought to the fore an experience which channelled correctly can lead to a change in how we view Alzheimer’s disease. This has become the single most significant health and social crisis namely The Great Human Awakening of the 21st Century.

My own personal branding called “The Cooper Methodology is a process that helps families identify with the various stages of the Alzheimer’s mind using my own Sliding door and chest of drawers techniques that will enlighten and resonate with individuals as I slowly unlock what has been inside of you all along.

REG engages and enlightens families and carer’s not only for what they may experience, but identifies ways of how to educate others. It also gives them some unique tools into how to access their inner world and stay sane for all concerned and where some of the best information lies and how to access it.

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