Test for dementia?


What decision would YOU make, if a test for dementia was offered to you by your GP?

In the New year 2019 it was announced on the news that a test for dementia would

Would YOU have the test
for dementia?

be available for individuals in their forties. I would have suggested slightly earlier personally for research purposes only.

Bearing in mind that the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or any form of dementia do not become apparent until old age, with no cure on the horizon, I can’t help but wonder, what good would come from having the test?

Of course, individuals can plan and make advanced decisions about their wishes but one would hope that’s already being considered.

If, the results of your test were positive then I can see some individuals choosing to live every day as it were their last and make most of their time here, why they can, before life changes because with a diagnosis of any form of dementia there’s no way back- currently.

My concern for those who are experiencing depression and or are already depressed, I wonder if a positive result would increase the risk of suicide or seek assistance of an early death such as euthanasia?


We see many people around the world already in crises, without a cure in sight or enough research into the cause of brain decay I can’t help feeling somewhat perplexed about offering individuals the test- to what avail?

Alzheimer’s disease is not a little forgetfulness, it is a brain wasting disease with age being a huge factor. If you had as I first-hand experience with a family member diagnosed with this brain wasting disease, you already know how awful the experience is, to watch a love one regress back to a fetus, if in fact,they actually make it to end of life care. You would not wish the disease on your worst enemy let alone the ramifications it takes on families.

It begs the question would a GP would consider not treating you because there is no current cure, what would be the point after all they are already stretched, NHS in crisis- still and the current care system can’t cope with the current ageing population?

What’s the point unless for research purposes to identify a common thread of insight?

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