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Regression of the Evolved Generation

Regression of the Evolved Generation A courageous, inspiring true story of a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Reg.  This book is about one man’s experience of late onset Alzheimer’s, the impact on his family and the failure of social services to do much to help. It is a family saga seen through the eyes of a […]

dementia stages

Dementia stages especially in the early stages made me think of a few ideas that helped my dad who was experiencing the early stages of alzheimers disease. I learnt to be quick in my thinking and have a few things up my sleeve that enabled me to interchange quickly. If activity allows: health and fitness […]

What is alzheimers? Seminar- Event

Alzheimer’s disease is like a mental fragmentation of the mind. When do we pay attention to alzheimers you may well wonder. Well from my experience of speaking to folk this week ,people fall into two groups. One are those refuse to acknowledge the disease evens exists, displaying emotional behaviour of anger and irritation, or two, when it […]