Support tights – an art at the Care home

Yesterday, I massaged a client I have been taking care of for over 10 years. She is now at the grand old age of 95years and a resident at a local care home in Essex.

The support tights that she wheres is appropriate as the compression helps with blood flow to the brain improving her ability to still be able to move from sit to stand position, and walk without struggling for breathe. However putting on support tights is an art as I found out yesterday. They are almost impossible to stretch to be able to put them on.

Support tights are supposed to be tight, but as I looked at how they had been put on most of them sat under the arch of my client foot, causing her much distress. I wonder if there are lessons in putting these on residents in care homes. Trying to get them wide enough to get my hands in to them as well and pulll them up over my clients feet and legs was definately a challenge in itself. The end result for the client was a good one as she looked great once dressed properly. Keeping our elderly citizens dressed well and comfortable I beleive is essential to helping them feel good about themselves. It’s definately something they alsways remark on. If it’s important to them it needs to remain important to us to help them out, whether is Care giving or another useful service.

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