Sadie Nine Bbc Essex show today 21.09.2010

I love being on this show . Sadie has a great way of engaging people in Essex about topics she is passionate about.

On today’s show I managed to hear the People of Essex speak about their experience with this Brain wasting disease we all know as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Individauls really need some help with what they may come up against as they are thrown into the system of Care.

In my experience they were always two steps ahead of us and the strong are able to keep up drive their experience. However, the fear I hear in the publics voices of their own story is quite terrifying. Some of us have the courage not to be pushed about by the services especially when things go wrong.

But what happens to the families and loved ones  who fear that if they do speak up they will be told to put up or shut up and how would they cope.

I am a strong sole and my dad was my world and for as long as I had breath in my body I was determined he was going to receive the best possible care I could find and assist with.

I would have appreciated being informed of the fact that when he was placed in a Nursing Care home the at the home told me up front that when I come into see him that he may “be out of it” and by that I mean drugged up to his eye balls. That was so scary to see I thought something terrifying was happening as I knew my Dad. I also found out that they have agency workers that come in for the night shift.

That was not explained either I wonder why?

I would not have know to ask some of these questions as don’t appreciate finding out by defaut.

We don’t place our loved one’s in he hands of other’s for the fun of it. There is a real and genuine reason for placing them in Care or Nursing Care homes and we need to be treated with honesty and openess as is available. We hold our loved ones hand so tightly as they fade away before us. We don’t need to do the thinking of others when they could come to the table of their own accord.  

People are having a tough time of it when this journey starts, for them we don’t need a secret service we need and open educational service into what is portrayed a caring system. We are all human and things do go wrong. but when they do, there is a Duty of Care POLICY IN PLACE to make sure they are followed AND as I understand is monitored by the Care commission. 

If you are looking to Mum or Dad into a home then there are some questions you need to ask and information you need to be aware of.

Don’t be frightened to ask questions.

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