Reaction to social care capping news

The BBC published the social care capping article yesterday, and here is my response:

I think more of the individuals in government with skills who can, need to sit down and map a thorough and structured plan ( ie do some math’s) regarding, income and expenditure in order to find a positive solution to this chronic problem of social care costs that will affect us all one day. Then and only then can we look at how we can save money and make some positive foundations that don’t crumble further down the line.

It does not help that government ministers insist on not using the brains they were born with by claiming in appropriate personal expenditure. I am sure that drains the pot.

We don’t need greed we need people who can step up and are accountable.

Some of our elders have paid much of their working life into this society. Maybe when the government stop people opening and closing companies ad hoc and being accountable, instead of bankrupting, the government would not have to pick up the tab.

We need a tough cookie on side to test , monitor and measure how this problem can be resolved gracefully and creating a way forward without adding more fear to Alzheimer’s families and the worry of care homes closing down and how people are going to cope.

Financial fear is awful, how much worse is it for those who have a parent with Alzheimer’s disease. They are already maxed out emotionally and we all know that when we are exhausted and emotionally vulnerable we cannot see the wood for the trees, and that is where I am concerned that people will agree to things that are wrong as they are based on people’s emotions and fear.

What maybe inspiring to some would be to undertake and speak to an individual who has the stills to structure, plan and inspire you in order to find a way of coping and managing money.

Public education in how families can find a way of keeping a parent at home! It will not be for every one but some will be willing to find a way as to how they can look after family members at home. More training and education to families will be required and  I see that unless this problem is sorted out more and more people are going to look at how they can keep dad..

Short term I see that as part of the solution and I am going to try and help people do that by educating them how to.

COMING SOON: I will launch details shortly of a seminar to cover this – please email if you are interesting in attending seminars of this nature.

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