Raise profile of alzheimer’s disease the right way.

I was reading Fiona Phillips’ message today regarding how fearful she is of developing Alzheimer’s disease. (You can read it here)

If she is feeling fearful, I respect that, however, a few years ago now when she was on the TV program where they assessed her and a few other peoples state of health, she said on the program she did not want to know then if she had or was likely to get Alzheimers disease. Not sure I understand what this is all about from her now?

Due to her media presence and my heart goes out to her, she would have done better to also acknowledge the fact, that there are resources out there and direct the public to the variety of services and resources available rather than creating more fear.

The emotion of fear keeps an individual locked down and unable to find solutions to their problems short term or long term.Managing it effectively with the resources available is the key to anything if you are looking for a solution.

Families need to drive the impact of the disease to avoid depression. While we are driving the experience for the good of our loved one we gain education and can be surprised what we are made of at times.

There has been much press coverage of late where everything is linked to the Fear of getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease and while I agree with people looking after themselves better and being educated and aware of the disease in order for them to cope , it is not a platform for people to abuse by creating fear in other’s.

A panic is not what we need in our society, but constructive advice, direction and education and how to cope with it’s impact (and hopefully a cure in the not to distant future).

In the meantime we would be wise to drive this disease in the right direction as far as the British public are concerned.

Fiona Phillips has a media platform and needs to use it wisely.


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