Panorama BBC Nov 2010

Paul Burstow the Minister of the care service has certainly a job on his hands. I hope for his sake he has enough energy, to realise his passion for a change.

When a family enter the crisis of the dementia world they experience fear.

Fear of being out of control, fear of not understanding the disease and fear of the inevitable.

What’s needed is an investment of education , knowledge with action and an opportunity for them to to keep their voice regarding their concerns. Not every one will want to be educated on this subject, however ,when something happens to a loved one, it’s impact can have the power to destroy us or give us the drive to fight for what we believe in, especially if you can drive the experience for a greater outcome for other’s.

Clearly on Panarama the individuals have found their voice to speak up. Until more people understand that strength lies in unity, it will be a lonely road for those of us who seek to create a change.

Pointing the finger to apportion blame is not the way forward and it resolves nothing and keeps you in your pain. You will remain locked up emotionally and surely that’s not the idea.

We need to find a way of coming together to speak truthfully, honestly and with common ground to use this as a plateform to do the right thing by the sufferer’s.

My personal view for what it is worth is that, antipsychotic drugs clearly have an impact on dementia suffere’s. There are consequences, there are side effects that may have a permenant as well as tempory side effects.

Anti psychotics have the ability to depress the action of dopamine. Anti psychotics may block the the noradrenaline another neurotransmitter in the brain.

Some of the signs will be that blood pressure is lowered, a loss of mobility or a complete sedative effect, not a situation that is acceptable or would I wish you to experience or remaining unaware of the effects of these drugs.


When they are prescribed, how many of you know that they have been prescribed to your loved one and their effects. Some of you I am sure will now start your own checking procedure, looking in the care book if your loved one is in a care home or challenging your GP and I am sure some of you will turn away through the fear of not being able to cope or having your loved one come home.

You have the right to check if the presciptions are liscenced or not.

Common sense clearly is lacking here. Putting a plaster on a wound will not make this disease go away. As in all things, test and measuring the effects of medication and being accountable for your actions can only really be the way forward.

Has the power of last nights Panarama and the use of antipsychotics on dementia patients reported enough to create further awareness of this disease ?

I remain open.