New Article written and published.

Jane Cooper wrote this article for her friend who run the website for the spirit guides.

Many people she comes into contact with have asked,

” How do you have so much knowledge?”

Well for Jane the author of the Reg Series and who has a clear understanding of what happens when someone you care about is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia, first acquired her first for knowledge when she was a child and has an ability to find the window of opportunity in a crisis.

She is a local business woman in Essex and has interests in many areas such as health, finance, emotional and phsycological well being and spiritual growth. By evolving your self and being trained to raise your own level of vibration you acquire a higher understanding of things and in that process acquire alot of knowledge and hopefully wisdom along the way. Used skillfully one can be of great use to to others.

Here is the linkbelow


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