My Dad Reg…..

I have something to share with you my dads name was Reg, just a small name, so I make this pledge. When I was little you used to hold my hand, when I was small you would kiss me goodnight just to make sure that I was alright.

See that was the magic that burst through my soul because I was blessed to know, my dad loved me so. 

Imagine, just for a moment, it’s a warm summer’s day, you would help me in the garden, that was just your way. The things we did together will stay in my heart forever, that part of you will never be taken away.

So fly my sweet Butterfly to the highest mountain you can find and be released from the disease that started to take your mind.To free your soul from the sadness of the past, to know you are with me everyday, those memories will last. 

You have given me your wisdom and every ounce of your courage, to continue my journey you left me the book of knowledge. So my promise to you dad, is to be the best that I can be, you will always be with me, but now I want you to be free. Thank-you, for being the Best Dad in the world and my friend.

In loving memory 21st April 1921 to 28th January 2009

Reg... Regression of the Evolved Generation

Regression of the Evolved Generation. Alzheimer’s Disease

Extracts from Janes book about their shared experience.