My Biography Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper was born in 1965 and lived with her parents, Margaret and Reg, in a semi-detached Essex home. Jane went to Graham James Primary and Junior School and then on to College to study languages, art, pure and applied mathematics. She was not keen on sport at school until they introduced dance, at which she excelled and showed the teachers a move or two!

She then went on to represent Great Britain in the sport of Baton Twirling, ranking amongst the highest placed senior women in Japan, in 1996, at the World Baton Championships. She coached other outstanding students along the way; it was not long before they became successful in their own right and at European and World levels.

In Jane’s late teens, she began a career in health and fitness, and she is still coaching individuals to improve their performance in both their business and personal lives. A trained sports psychologist, masseuse and exercise consultant, including helping individuals under prescribed medication, she is at times contracted into secure mental health units, as exercise is a great prescription in assisting people on the road to recovery.

When Jane’s Dad died in January 2009, she started to write about their shared experience in relation to his late onset of Alzheimer’s disease, the impact on his family and the failure of Social Services to do much to help. It is a family saga seen through the eyes of a devoted daughter, but this is no ordinary story.

The Reg… series of pocket books has been written and designed by Jane. They hold the key in a “call to action” as in what we are required to do and for the right reason when Alzheimer’s arrives at one’s door on a warm summer’s day unannounced.

Jane hopes to inspire others and put them on the right track, from the beginning, in understanding what to do when they see, sense or feel that something is wrong with their loved one – something that falls outside their normal behavior and old age.

In 2010, Jane started her second business as a tax self-assessment consultant, being a qualified bookkeeper with 15 years of H M Revenue and Customs’ experience and 13 years in a private practice.

She has an eye for design, is very creative and has an imagination, nurtured by her father, which has allowed her to remain confident in her own creation and innovation abilities.