Jab to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease??

This morning, the Daily Mail published this article:


Here are my thoughts:

Have we found the Jewel in the Treasure chest?

On such a beautifully sunny day the Daily Mail gives us hope and lifts our spirits even further reporting that a vaccine may be available within two years to stop or reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

What would be interesting, would be to understand if there any contra-indications to having the vaccine, e.g does it cause any other health problems. Alzheimer’s disease affecting our older generation obviously comes with other health complaints. So will the vaccine accommodate those, or impair them?

If it does, then those findings would need to be made public and the public educated in order that the loved ones are aware of what the signs or symptoms were down the road, if any. It is therefore important that those of us who can, continue to educate others involved and affected by this disease, remain open and continue to ask the uncomfortable questions others find it difficult to ask.

Would the Jab be made available to every one? And what happens to those on very low incomes? I wonder what it will cost or will the drug companies around the world see it as an opportunity to exploit and misuse their power regarding the disease to only those who could afford it can have it.?

I have no problem with the drug companies making money, that’s why people go into business, however, if we are fortunate to have a vaccine in the very near future, then the drug companies would have found the jewel in the treasure chest and all those who are being affected by the disease would have hope.

As Dr Wilkinson research shows that getting rid of amyloid plaques does not always prevent the disease, but in my opinion, it is paramount that we see more testing take place and the results explained and proven, but it’s a start and quite rightly we need to keep investing in the research.

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