Inspiration in every step

Some while ago and after the tragic loss of my father Reg…I embarked on a quest to contribute to the world through my written work but that required me to continue to believe in myself and walk my own path even if the other people in the world chose to walk in the opposite direction. I learned at a very young age that faith first starts with SELF

Inspired by his belief in my ability “ to be anything I wanted to be” I continued to develop myself through meditation and tap into a higher intelligence which allowed me to work in a more inspiring and spiritual way, trusting and being guided by those who can see further in life than we can. A tragic loss can either empower you to create change or ruin you, either way you get to choose.

Since then, I have tuned into the quietness and listened, even though at times I have been required to show great patience, but if I am to make any difference to this world then if patience was required of me, then, so be it. But the time has come, the time and a place is now where Reg’s story has begun to be shared and seen by thousands of people. What I want to share today if is regardless of what happens to you, good or bad YOU may wish to think twice before you decide to GIVE UP!

I am Reg….

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