In Loving Memery

Reginald Cooper
In Loving Memory
20th April 1921 to 28th January 2008
It has not really been long, since my Dad passed away,
All things considered I wonder what he might say.
I miss his words and the frequent hugs, his happy face and his tender touch.
I hope he would be proud of the things I have done,
Making the DVD was sad but we had fun.
I think of him every day in times I’m alone and miss our time together a cup of tea, chat and a scone,
But I would not want him back to go through it all again as I remember the end there was an awful lot of pain.
I am doing my best but sometimes I am sad,
I look inside myself to see if there’s anything to remind me that I’m not going mad.
As I look inside my wide open heart,
There’s a place for my Dad we are never really apart,
So I remember your face and the words ingrained in my soul,
Be the best you can be but don’t be a fool,
I am watching you Janie form up here on this cloud,
I am watching you my daughter,
Now smile and be proud.
Don’t cry for me as I am free from my past,
I told you it’s the memories that will always last,
Dry those tears that appear from nowhere deep from inside,
Put your head up my dear and regain your pride.

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