Fewer hospital beds would mean £1bn more for dementia care?

The Telegraph published an article yesterday that MPs believe that fewer hospital beds would mean £1bn more for dementia care, you can read it here.

We have known for some time that there are changes in the NHS that are going to affect how our older generation Alzheimer’s sufferers or otherwise are going to be cared for.

Some clarity on the situation would be wise as otherwise it leaves individuals in chaos and panic! When the Dementia Commissioning Pack is explained, and at this point, (and who knows what’s in it?), are we trying to cross a bridge before we come to it? Clearly the volcano has started to boil.

We all know that early diagnosis is the key to disease, which allows people to plan and consider their options for planning their future, however the care system as we know it needs desperate investment into the staff and the education of the Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families.

Encouraging and appreciating the great carers that are doing a great job, we need to remember the value they bring to the families regarding the impact it has on every one involved. At the same time we need to train and educate those who have potential to be better and get rid of those who should never be in the system and have got into the care system by default.

Stop arguing between you all and pointing the finger, it resolves nothing and come together to find the solution and create what is now needed in order to deal with the disease and it’s impact that is becoming the disease of the 21st Century.

Changes will come about that’s the fact of the matter, we will all get old, it affects all of us, none of us are immune!


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