dementia stages

Dementia stages especially in the early stages made me think of a few ideas that helped my dad who was experiencing the early stages of alzheimers disease.

I learnt to be quick in my thinking and have a few things up my sleeve that enabled me to interchange quickly.

If activity allows:

health and fitness lessons, exercise for the elderly, staying active, playing catch or kicking a soft ball while seated, encouraging them to count as they throw the ball back and forth to you.

When seated: and under supervision by you:

Colouring by numbers ( focuses the mind in the early stages of alzheimers disease and their attention) for periods of time, puzzle books, watching TV only for a short time, mental fitness drills, adding up money, playing cards, doing the times table, playing catch or kicking a soft ball while seated.

Learning how to turn on the computer or laptop, allow them to sit and hold open a bag as you cut down your garden. They need to remain useful and have a purpose or they will go down hill very fast.


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