Dementia stages

When my dad began to experience dementia in the dementia stages process, I decided that I would help him stay as active and healthy as possible.

My work in the health industry running my own personal training company allowed my to keep him as active for as long as I could. I call this process tough love, being active, health living, and or relaxed when ever possible. 

dementia stages present windows of opportunity for you to remind them of what they already know and can do, as some things become a little difficult or confusing for them.

It was important that I did not take his power away from him, which is something I see people do and I beleive we need to encourage them until and only until they are unable to help themselves.

For me having a good relationship with my dad also encouraged me to want to help him as  the alzheimers disease progressed. It’s easier if your relationship with your parent is a good one.