Care home ratings…nightmare for the public

The latest news out states that Care home ratings may not be all they stack up to be.

Why am I not suprised?

Well thats because of my own experience with a local care home.

If you are considering a care home, then make sure you know what questions you have the right to ask so that you can make an informed choice. Peace of mind has value not only to you but to your loved one.

My own personal experience taught me that it was one thing to intervene into my father’s relationship in order to keep him alive and another completely different experience when in search of a care home. No one was very helpful, just terrified of the fact that I was about to ask some very awkward questions.

Would they tell me the truth, ? that was the question.

However, when I asked the manager of a care home

” Have I covered everything?”

The response was,

“I don’t know, have you?”

Not the response or professionalism I was expecting. It was a disrace if you ask me…

I also new that, if I moved this forward I would be checking them and the safety of my dad at all times.

From this experience I noted all the problems I came up against and how to help people understand why we need to be strong enough to not agree to everything, without checking for ourself that what is said is actually happening.

This pocket book has insight into what to ask.

Most people have no idea of what goes on, some homes are not transparent and most people at this point are only too grateful for help and there lies the start of what can potentially a disaster.

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