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Looking after the ones you love

How would you feel if after all those years of hard work and building a life for yourself the court took control of your finances because you lost mental capacity in an unforeseen accident, or, was diagnosed with late onset Alzheimer’s disease and found out you did not have the right documents in place? Planning for your […]

Is Alzheimer’s changing your life?

It can be terrifying if someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The feeling of helplessness, of being out of control and the pain of seeing someone you love slowly disappearing before your own very eyes can leave you wondering how you will cope – and whether you are up to it. There […]

New Article written and published.

Jane Cooper wrote this article for her friend who run the website for the spirit guides. Many people she comes into contact with have asked, ” How do you have so much knowledge?” Well for Jane the author of the Reg Series and who has a clear understanding of what happens when someone you care about […]

Regression of the Evolved Generation

Regression of the Evolved Generation A courageous, inspiring true story of a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Reg.  This book is about one man’s experience of late onset Alzheimer’s, the impact on his family and the failure of social services to do much to help. It is a family saga seen through the eyes of a […]

The Promise

 THE PROMISE Should you be the one who draws your last breath first, god forbid anything ever happens to me, whilst I have breath in my body, I would make three wishes. But before I do, no matter what happens shortly, I want you to understand that if I, were to never hold your hand […]

Father & daughter relationships

Father & daughter relationships. I can remember holding your face in my hands and kissing your cheek dad. I can remember the emptiness roaming through your body, where once a bright raging fire lived inside a great man, gradually burning itself out only to leave the shouldering ashes in a vision before me. I looked into […]