Blister Packs- “It’s free” at Morrisons

We all love a bargain and something for free. Its one thing I can see the value in when you are looking after someone with forgetfulness.

With a loved one’s medications changing over the course of time it can be quite distressing to have remember when prescribed medication has to be taken. When you are the primary care giver, tired and exhausted from caring applying for a Blister Pack takes away the stress of having to remember all that.

A free service

Medication packs – all ready done – less stress

Building in little systems that help you are a great way to make sure it frees some of your time.

From working with an elderly gentleman I noticed the mediations were every where. He still lives on his own but with family support. I wondered if he actually took all his medications because he was forgetful.


The local chemist was full and not taking on any new patients for this service. After shopping at my local Morrison’s Supermarket I headed for a cup of coffee and sat opposite the chemist wondering if they actually supplied the service. Nothing ventured and nothing gained I asked the really helpful lady behind the counter who gave me a form for the family to complete, which then goes into the G P and he/she supplies the chemist with the latest medications.

The chemist forms the blister packs with the information provided by the G P and they get delivered to your home saving YOU more time in running round trying to remember what day it is and the best part of all this is “IT’S FREE”.

Check List

  1. Find a chemist taking new patients, if they are not try the local supermarket’s chemist.
  2. Ask for a form to complete and fill it in for the Blister pack service.
  3. Drop it into your G P Surgery.
  4. GP will organise the medications required in the  blister pack with the Chemist.
  5. Blister packs delivered direct to your home.

Notes: The local Super market mentioned that should the medication change a new blister pack will have to be formed and old blister pack will have to be destroyed.