BBC Essex Dave Monk show 24.08.2010

Press release 24.08.2010
Jane Cooper exclusive personal trainer to the Virtual healthclub In Hadleigh, Essex and speaks up on BBC Essex today about the importance of the early diagnosis regarding Alzheimer’s Disease.
Jane say’s, “It’s paramount we find a cure for this disease which is creeping up on the nation faster than we can cope with.”
If you suspect that your loved one has the symptoms of early onset memory loss, then take them to the doctors as soon as you recognize the signs that are out of the norm in their behavour to obtain an early diagnosis.
However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with GP’s response keep persuing and listen to your gut feeling until you receive the outcome to your questions and fears.
My Dad had alzheimer’s disease and the process you endure as the disease unfolds can be devestating to all of you involved.My Dad started to get depressed after he retired. He no longer knew what his purpose in life was. I kept him as
interactive as I could, while I could and while he was able, but he knew something was wrong, he just could not put his finger on it.

I was fortunate, because of my work with the public in the health industry and my qualifications, it allowed me to observe when he was not so well in him self eg: down in the dumps, loss of appetite or interest in things. I could detect that
something was not right.I was able to do find ways to pull my Dad back most of the time.
I respect the fact that people are not as fortunate as me and that they may not be able to understand the signs, or have the support or courage to speak up, I do understand that.
If we don’t do something about investing in the reasurch about this disease with a view to find a cure we as a Nation think we have problems with Mental health now.
Don’t be so foolish, our problems have only just started.
If you would like more information on Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s impact then go to
Some of the content in this press release may be published in Jane Cooper book .

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