Alzheimer’s drug’s under threat from NHS Reforms

Eli Lilly spends £300 million on reasearching each new drug the daily telegraph reported yesterday and stated that they are one of the biggest  providor’s of drugs to the Nhs.

The company is threateneing to delay the intro of treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other diseases in response to the Governments planned NHS reforms.

Reforming the NHS will give far greater power to the Gp’s ordering drugs let’s all hope that after the Panarama program last month (exposing the use of anti psycotic drug’s that are used in some care homes to knock out Alzheimer patients ) does not increase a mis use of power just because a care home may call out a GP to deal with a case.

We need to invest in a cure for this disease and not mis use the drugs we have.

It is the most frightening experience to arrive at the care home and find your loved one lymp and sedated. The impact of Alzheimer’s disease can be catastrophic enough on the families. In my opinion it is completely unacceptable to the individuals of the families to find their loved one in this state especially if they have been sedated due to lack of staff or training. 

just because they have no other skills of coping, lack of management of the disease or lack funding in the care homes as this disease starts to become more and more exposed.

Let’s hope this issue is resloved to a greater conclusion especially where our Alzheimer patients and their drug’s are concerned. However, hope alone is useless we really need some positive outcomes from all the chaos.

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