Jane - Cooper

Who is Jane Cooper?

Jane has over 30 years’ experience as a private health consultant and has been facilitating and working with athletes in the international arena, CEO’s, individuals in secure mental health hospitals who have been sectioned under the mental health act to individuals who self-harm, suffer with depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Jane is also:

  • a qualified fitness trainer offers 1-2-1 consultations in a private gym along with weight management advice.
  • a GP Referral Consultant for exercise and chronic disease and is able to work with those taking prescribed medication from the GP.
  • a trained sports & massage therapist where she helps clients to relax and/or to help the healing process after sports injury.
  • a trainer and mentor helping people to overcome life’s challenges, improve self-esteem and develop the confidence to move forwards.
  • a sports psychologist assisting keen sports people improve their personal performances,  and mentally prepare for the performances of their life.

Since the passing of her father REG…in 2009 her focus and passion has been to facilitate, train and work with those directly affected by Alzheimer’s, care givers and families touched by the disease to care home staff, giving them tools and strategies to support their residents and feel good about being a Carer.

Jane offers a quality, flexible services by way of consultation, seminar / presentations and training for Alzheimer carers.  Working with people on a one to one basis or in groups.