A shocking discrace – Fears

The article released today is a sad case of the affairs that this country has allowed to happen.

Our older generation need our support, lets face it some of these individuals were in a world war. They have experienced everything being taken away from them is this really the treatment they deserve?

It would come as no surprise as more and more people look at caring for aloved one at home while this is allowed to continue, they will feel they have no choice.

The people who allow this to happen should be ashamed of themselves. Is it not time for some seriously new rules, training and boundaries?

They hold the key to some of our everyday problems. Here is the link.

and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2284464/Risk-abuse-leaves-70-adults-afraid-ending-care-home-Two-thirds-believe-tackle-problem.html#ixzz2LzKv5BeQ