My Book Regression of the Evolved Generation

This book is about one man’s experience of late onset Alzheimer’s, the impact on his family and the failure of social services to do much to help. It is a family saga seen through the eyes of a devoted daughter, but this is no ordinary story….

 Reg was a carpenter by trade until the ripe old age of 80. Within a few years of retiring he started to become forgetful. A visit to the GP confirmed Alzheimer’s disease. This moving tale follows the progression of the disease, and how his daughter found a way to reach him, despite his memory loss, and how family intervention resulted in him being sectioned as a vulnerable adult. The book has been written by his daughter Jane. She hopes that it will inspire others and help change the stigma associated with mental health, Alzheimer’s disease and show others that by using her “Methods” will guide and support them.

Jane did everything she could for her dad until he took his last breath. She saw him slowly being stripped of his faculties and dignity like the chapters of a great book coming to the end. But she found a way to reach into his mind right up until the end.

The book is about their shared experience.

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