3 strategies for caring for a person with Alzheimer’s- Part 1

3 useful strategies for caring for a person with Alzheimer’s- Part 1

1. For those of you who are post 2nd world war babies, then you are from an era of just getting on with it all and not familiar with asking for help. That’s fine I understand that I am old fashioned too. So the only contribution and observation I have to make is for you to choose to decide to tell your family if your childhood sweet heart or the love of your life is diagnosed with any form of dementia because you are going to need some help as the disease progresses. By not involving them they can feel isolated from what’s happening, but at the end of the day if you have children you will know what to do for the best, after all they are your children!

2. Engage in the professional services of those who write Lasting powers of Attorney sooner rather than later and register them in order to avoid the pitfalls of problems at Court of protection.

3. If you decide to look after a loved one at home, you need to start thinking about re organising your home to make sure it is safe for them to remain living in, because the disease will have a profound effect on their ability remember where things are and how to use all which they once knew how to use.